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13645073_1157198067636512_7868671388299722118_nBethany Davis Organizer

Bethany Davis is a credentialed K-12 home school teacher, and has been highly interested in nutrition & health for over twenty years. After reading Kathy Freston’s The Veganist, she and her family made the switch to a plant-based diet 3-1/2 years ago. She and her daughter assisted with the Meals for Health program hosted by our Sacramento Food Bank. Bethany is certified by PCRM (Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine) as a Food for Life nutrition educator,  and is also certified in Plant Based Nutrition through e-Cornell University. She is pursuing a career as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach & Educator, and teaches Food for Life classes locally. She is active in promoting local vegan education/ outreach events throughout Sacramento, in cooperation with the Sacramento Vegetarian Society &  Sacramento Vegan Society.


 Monica Biery– Co-Organizer

Monica Biery is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition,  holds a BS in Economics, and a Law Degree.  Monica’s passion is to help people realize that their bodies are magnificent and are designed to be healthy.  As a Yoga Teacher, Aroma Therapist, a Holy Fire Reiki Master, she works clients to facilitate healings.  She carefully looks at all factors of her clients’ lifestyles to design an effective and sage routine that is toxin-free and without uncomfortable side reactions.  At home, Monica’s passions include gardening, beekeeping and being an awesome Mother to her three children, (ages 16, 14, and 7).   Monica loves anything involving nature especially sunrise and sunset paddles.

Organizing Team Members 2013-2015:

glenn and mary1

Glenn Destatte & Mary Rodgers -Support & Distribution


Madeline Noelle – Facebook & Distribution


Ashleigh Whiteley– Online Voting Manager


Jedediah Soliz -Team Veg Organizer

Running on Vegan!


Jedidiah Soliz is a self-employed Landscape Gardener and Designer. He graduated from American River College with an AS degree in Horticulture for both the landscape industry and nursery industry. During his time there, he competed in Cross Country for the College team. Once graduated, he continued to compete in races, mostly focusing on the 5k to 10k. Jedidiah became interested in the idea of vegan first in 2003 from a close family member, and transitioned fully to vegan on his 30th birthday in 2012. At the beginning of 2011 he went full vegetarian and mostly vegan. 2011 has been his most successful running year to date; with personal records in several race distances. He credits this mostly to his change in diet. Jedidiah is very passionate about Holistic Nutrition and the Plant based diet. His mission is to educate and show, with his own expeiences, that one can thrive in competitive sports on a plant based diet.  He is concerned about every aspect of the benefits of the vegan lifestyle including:  health; how our food choices impact other people; how we can save and conserve our land & environment; compassion for animals; and how we can have a positive impact on all of these issues by what we put on our plate. Jedidiah truly believes that “you are what you eat,” and what you eat really makes a difference!





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