Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge

Restaurants 2012

 Restaurant Locations Map

 Suggested Calendar: Chef Challenge Dineouts

Restaurants by Category: Places to Try


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Midtown/ Downtown: 

*click on restaurant links below

Tower Bridge Bistro

Capitol Garage  plus brunch category


Evan’s Kitchen  Tues-Sun plus brunch category

(*Evan’s open till 3 p.m. on Sun.)

The Plum Vegan Cafe open daily –brunch only on Sun.

The Porch


Juno’s  Mon-Sat


Hot Italian

58 Degrees & Holding Company

Aioli Bodega Espanol

Andy Nguyen’s

Dad’s Kitchen Tues-Sun


Bombay Bar & Grill

Dad’s Sandwich Shop Mon-Sat till 3 p.m.

24K Cafe plus brunch category

Tues-Sun (open for brunch only Sat-Sun)


Greater Sacramento Area:

Green Boheme Sun-Thurs

El Papagayo  Wed-Sun






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  1. [...] Twenty one restaurants  will be participating this year, including some of my favorites, like the Grange. I’m especially excited for restaurants new to the competitions, especially those that have been my favorites in the recent months, like Kupros and Juno’s. Our team will be interviewing each restaurant and giving you all an opportunity to get the know the Chefs behind all the food. You will be able to find all the information posted on the Sacramento Vegan Challenge website, or read the latest and greatest on Facebook. [...]

  2. [...] Tweeting, and showing you real-time photos of my eats about town on Instagram. You will have twenty-two restaurants  to visit, so adjust your eating-out budget, save up a few bucks, and start making dinner plans [...]

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