1000 Vegan Cupcakes

Sacramento Vegan Challenge presented 1000 Vegan Cupcakes for Charity in celebration of Earth Day – April 22, 2012 . That’s right, our own vegan cupcakes competition took on global warming AND raised funds for three local charities at 100 Capitol Mall with 10+ local bakers making 100 cupcakes each to themes like: Fresh n’ Local, Cupcakes Around the World, Eat Your Veggies, Vegan Celebrities and Save the Rainforest.

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To help you remember which bakeries created which delicious cupcake varieties, visit our Participating Bakers  page!

Through a “Low Carbon Cupcake Diet” we hope to educate the community by promoting the great work of the Sacramento Tree Foundation in “saving our urban forests;” the Humane Society in raising awareness of the environmental impacts of factory farming; and the Center for Land-Based Learning’s FARMS program which educates high school students in Sacramento about how to grow their own food and what “farm to fork” really means.


All proceeds generated from cupcake sales, raffle, and on-site donations were given directly  to the charities in order to support, educate & increase awareness throughout Sacramento toward becoming a more compassionate, eco-friendly & sustainable community.

Of course we had  Celebrity Judges (aka Vegan Cupcake Connoisseur Committee) on-hand to deliberate on the deliciousness.  In addition, our featured guest and author, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, was there to sign copies of her amazing books including The Joy of Vegan Baking.

Your friends who brought you the Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge in October 2011 will continue to organize additional events as part of our vision to create a more connected, healthy, and aware Sacramento community.

After checking out the Earth Day festivities at Southside Park organized by the Environmental Council of Sacramento, folks could ride their bikes on over for dessert on the river at Embassy Suites’ Tower Bridge Bistro between 4-7 PM. We awarded eco-vegan raffles prizes from local businesses, learned about sustainable living from Policy in Motion, and created an amazing display of over 1000 cupcakes from Sacramento bakeries we won’t forget! Cupcakes were available for purchase, so you could have your cupcake and eat it too — or bring some home to share! We also had gluten-free and sugar-free options that were so good we couldn’t believe our taste buds.

Chefs Clay & Eric of Tower Bridge Bistro  created a fabulous 4-Course Vegan Dinner that was offered throughout the evening:  

What could be more fun than saving the world one cupcake at a time?!

Keep an eye out for our exclusive cupcake logo/fliers and stay tuned for more updates on participating businesses and bakeries by following Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge on Facebook and our website at www.sacveganchallenge.com



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